Plant Your Seeds Early

This CoVid-19 pandemic has affected all types of people – the Rich, Middle-class, and Poor. But sad to ponder that the Rich people have more resources in stock compare to the Middle- class and Poor people. Now, I wonder what if there will only one class in this society. It it possible that all will be Rich and there will be no more Middle-class and Poor people? Perhaps someday this will come true.

To the Filipino Youth, after this pandemic, you should have fully understand the importance of being always prepared and hopefully you will start “planting your seeds as early as possible.” For time is your greatest asset in building your future, there are two (2) types of investment that you need to focus – the Internal and the External Investments.

The Internal Investment is EDUCATING YOURSELF. Great attention must be rendered on this for its results will directly affect the External Investment. The following are the ways on how to achieve this first investment of yours.

Attend Field or School Classes

Being enrolled in a private or public schools is essential in a person’s life. Know how to read and count are basic skills that you need to acquire. School Classes are for those who can afford but for the less fortunate don’t worry because there are field classes that can be conducted near or in your community.

Despite of the pandemic which cause the suspension of physical attendance in the school and field, online classes and modular mode of learning are the options that you can choose from. Online classes are for those who have computer and internet connection at home while Modular mode of learning is for those who have none.

Read Books, Magazines, or Online Articles

Books are being written for us to learn the basic to the most complex knowledge that we need. Newspapers are being produced for us to be informed of what are happening in our community and the whole world. Magazines and online articles have both purposes.

You must not stop reading those products of research and facts for what you will gain from them will become handy in your daily living.

Do Your School Assignments and Projects Well

The importance of school assignments and projects is not the score that you get but the test of whether you understand or not what your teachers have taught you and what you have read from all references that you hold. Doing them well will surely benefit you as you grow up.

Join Productive Activities or Events

Better you shave-off the shy attitude, if you have, and start attending activities or events that will benefit you at present and in the future. Be a member of a club whose primary and only purpose is to enhance each member’s standard of learning. Be a qualified contestant in a competition wherein your field of expertise belongs to. Be an attentive listener in seminars and symposiums at school or in other educational institutions. Participate in field trips being conducted by your school.

Always Practice Your Crafts, Passion, and Skills

As you grow up, you will gain skills that are very beneficial in your life. You will love doing some of them. Focus on those which you love; find ways to enhance them. For example, if you love writing then study about grammar and fill-up your storage of vocabulary; research as well about the life of the best known writers and how they become to be well-known persons in their field. Another example, if you have been raised up in a family who is doing business for a living then surely you are being taught how to market your products or services; that’s marketing skill. Read articles about this skill and be observant on those people who are doing the same crafts as your family is engaged with.

Don’t be contended on what your teachers and parents are inculcating in your mind. What they are sharing to you are just parts of the sea of knowledge where you can dive in more deeply by yourself but be always cautious for sometimes you will be driven out by entities that are called as bad influence.

As you improve your INTERNAL INVESTMENT, you can also start with your EXTERNAL INVESTMENT in a slow but surely ways. This second investment that I’m referring to is MANAGING YOUR MONEY WELL.

Your young age is not an excuse in handling your finances. It’s better to start early on this because as I write on the beginning of this article, TIME is your greatest asset in building your future. Now the question is how. I’ll tell you some basics about this matter.

Write Down Your Daily Cash Receipts and Daily Expenses

You receive school allowances or cash gifts from your parents, siblings, and grandparents, and godparents. These money are hard-earned by them from their work or business. So better to spend them wisely. In order to do that, list down all your expenses as well as how much money you have received for the day. I suggest you should have a notebook solely for this and to be carried all the times. You may label it as your “Cash On Hand Monitoring Logbook” or COHML. Generally, you will be writing on this COHML all your Daily Cash Ins and Cash Outs that you literally received and spent using your hand.

Your “Cash Ins” include your school allowances and cash gifts from the people who love and care for you. Also included are your cash withdrawals from your bank or electronic wallet, whichever you have or both.

On the other hand, your “Cash Outs” are those expenses, payments, and savings, and tithings that you make. What I mean with “savings” are those money that you have deposited in your bank account or electronic wallet, whichever you have or perhaps both. “Tithings” are those cash that you share to the needy and poor in your community.

The method is simple. Just add your cash on hand – beginning balance with your cash receipts  and deduct all your cash disbursements for the day from your total cash on hand to get the cash on hand – ending balance which will become the cash on hand – beginning balance on the next day. Needless to say, dates must written for each day. Please see below example.

Save Money In Banks

Aside from school allowances, you are also receiving cash gifts from your parents, siblings, grandparents, and godparents especially during your birthday and Christmas Day. If you are a winner in a contest, you will usually receive cash prizes as well.

All these cash inflows that you are receiving should be taken good care of. Don’t spend everything. Store some portions of these for the “rainy days” and for your projects. The best place to keep them safe is the bank. There are banks that will allow below legal age people to open an account with them but physical accommodation by parents are required. In addition to safety, your money will definitely grow as long as your account is compliant with the required daily maintaining balance to earn interest.

Do Tithing

Whether you are a full-time or working student, you can share some portion of your blessings (e.g. money) to those who badly need it. For me, this is called “Tithing.”  What you do to the needy and less fortunate equates to what you do to God for all us are created in His image. You don’t need to broadcast these generous actions for publicity purposes. Best to perform them in silent ways and don’t worry for the Almighty Creator is watching you all the time.

Filipino Youth, the final decision is yours to make whether you will start as early as now or later in accomplishing the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL INVESTMENTS that I have shared to you. I’m reminding you again that TIME IS YOUR GREATEST ASSET IN BUILDING YOUR FUTURE.

Keep safe! Happy investing! Plant your seeds early!

Who Am I

Good day Beloved Readers!

First of all, I’m grateful that you are here and reading my post. Please continue to know few things about me.

I’m a pure Cebuano by birth. Currently living here in the City of Lapu-Lapu since birth.

Present job is rendering services to internal and external clients from Mondays until Fridays under a nine-hours duty inclusive of break time. For more than ten years of this job, a lot of learnings been acquired. Deeply thankful as well to have great colleagues of this company.

Been a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Management Accounting from a reputable University here in Cebu. Planning to move to the next academic stage of life soon.

That’s all for now. Again, thank you for reading my post. Stay Safe and GOD bless us all!